28 - 30 August, 2018
Hilton London Olympia , London, United Kingdom

Eero Naaber

Head of Development and Innovation
Estonian Maritime Administration


As the shipping sector embraces digitisation, there numerous hurdles to be overcome when it comes to managing the increased volume of information, and supporting data fusion between vessels and the shore. This panel discussion will explore the merits of enhanced connectivity, and will assess the opportunities and challenges related to creating smarter, networked ships.

  • How will the increased flow of data between vessels support efficiency for maritime operations? What are the barriers, both technical and regulatory, to increased data flow? 
  • Assessing the block chain phenomena as a means to advance data usage for the shipping sector 
  • Securing data transfer. Assessing and mitigating the cyber risk in the context of enhanced connectivity
  • Improving connectivity between the digitised ship and the digitised port. Minimising delay and establishing effective contingencies in the event of unavoidable disruption


One of the challenges facing shipping today, & even more in the future, is to manage the bureaucracy involved in everyday shipping activities, be it the reporting formalities when a ship calls at the port or the certificates the ship has to present to prove her seaworthiness and competence of her crew. Should we move one step further from digitalized (pdf) certificates and explore the possibilities of reusing the data? Should we abandon the certificates as entities altogether and switch to the concept of just presenting the proof of seaworthiness? What benefits would it bring to the shipping companies and shipping industry as a whole? We must also keep in mind the aspect of unmanned ships coming into use in the near future – there will be no one on board to hand over the certificates to the inspector or to report to port authorities. The Estonian Maritime Administration is trying to answer these questions and is glad to share its vision of the future digitalization path to follow as well as give practical examples of in which areas we have switched to full data sharing already or piloting new concepts.

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